Bioinformatik Club Freiburg

Next meeting: 20.04.2020 16:30-18:00 Seminar Room (ground floor, Hugstetter Str. 49)
                                                                                     - new location! -

Date Group Topic / Presentation
16.03.   CANCELLED
20.04. IMBI Moritz Hess: The Pattern Extractor for Deep Learning
18.05. MPI (Bioinf) Franeco Ferrari: TBA
15.06. Inst. für Pharmaz. Wiss. Stefan Günther: Automated recognition of functional compound-protein relationships in literature
20.07. Bioinformatik, AG Grüning TBA (Update Galaxy)
19.10. Bioinformatik, AG Grüning TBA (Miracum)
16.11. TBA TBA
21.12. TBA TBA

Organisers: Anna Köttgen, Harald Binder, Rolf Backofen, Thomas Manke, Melanie Börries.

The Bioinformatics Club serves as a platform for the scientific exchange between people working in (medical) bioinformatics and related fields of medicine and statistics of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg, associated institutions, the 11th Faculty and the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics.

At monthly meetings, methods, software, analytical challenges and potential solutions - especially in the context of high-dimensional data such as genome sequences - are presented and discussed.

Contact for topics, organisational stuff, proposals etc.: Peggy Sekula.

We have a mailing list for announcements and exchange of ideas and tips (if you are already subscribed: use this link to write to the list). If you want to get added to the mailing list, please contact us by providing information on your background and working field/group.